Shyvanne Delva: What led you to become world class personal trainer and brand ambassador?”

Ashley Conrad: It was the “Clutch” training and nutrition program I created.  It allowed me to transform A-listeners and athletes faster than anyone else without cutting excessive calories, cutting carbs or working out 4 hours a day.

Delva: What keeps you motivated?

Conrad: The truth is, I just really don’t want to be average.  I want to be the best at everything I wake up every day just totally committed to giving 100% to everything I do.  Living up to my full potential—that’s what keeps me motivated.

Delva: What does your fitness routine consist of?

Conrad: Every day is different.  I do a mixture of Boxing, Strength training, running and plyometric. IMG_5583 Delva: What steps would a person take start transforming their body?

Conrad: 1] Find a person that you trust that has a plan that you know works…we have 3 separate plans on our website and one on called “Clutch Cut”.  Combined, these plans have helped MILLIONS transform.

2] Commit FULLY to the plan.

3] Do everything the plan recommends.  It’s honestly that simple.

Delva: What is a great training routine for a beginner?

Conrad: 10 push-ups

20 jumping jacks

20 body-weight squats

20 mountain climbers

10 pull-ups

10 shoulder raises

10 burpees

Repeat 4-5x Complete 3x per week

Do 25 minutes of cardio 2x per week. IN-OUT CONES 3 Delva: What is your advice for people that are dealing with food cravings? How do you stop them?

Conrad: Use our Clutch Baking Mix in the morning to make guilt-free and high-protein pancakes and waffles.  Then use our Clutch Protein Powder post-workout and before bed.  The smooth and creamy texture mimics that of frozen yogurt so it REALLY helps curb urgent for sugar!

Delva: Your program ”21 Day Clutch Cut” has been featured on and gained huge sympathy from all fitness lovers. How would you encourage people to give themselves 21 day to try the program and completely change their bodies?

Conrad: I tell them to FIGHT.  Fight for the body you want.  Fight for the life you want.  Fight for the future.  Too many people accept the conditions of their life as just “being what it is”… “I’m just fat…I’m just unhappy with my job…I’m just not where I want to be”.  They say this not realizing that not only do they DESERVE more, but that they were born to BE more.  Every single person deserves to feel confident about the way they look and have the energy to conquer their day.  This program not only helps shed incredible amounts of fat, it also is a proving ground to see what you’re capable of.  When people see that they ARE capable of more, their whole life can change.

Delva: Do you think women are strong competitors?

Conrad: To me, women are the strongest competitors.  Unfortunately, we’ve just been told by society and mass media that we need to be soft and subdued…that if our bodies aren’t “perfect” we aren’t worthy or worth anything.  We also have chosen to use our competitive spirit to compete and compare ourselves to one another instead of fighting to have a unified front.

Delva: How did your journey with Adidas start?

Conrad: Honestly, they had done a worldwide search for someone who could be their Global Trainer for Boxing and chose me as their top candidate.  I have literally loved Adidas from the time I was 4 years old so doing a deal with them was an absolute dream come true.

Delva: Amongst celebs you trained is Bradley Cooper – how was training with him? Does he love or rather hate to work out?

Conrad: He was the best client I’ve ever had.  Humble, hard-working and ALWAYS either early or on-time.  He came in everyday ready to do work and do whatever it took to get the results he needed.  It’s no wonder why he is so successful. 20100603 Pools shoot Delva: You are CEO of Clutch Body Shop – how did you find your way to fashion designing? What do you want to say through your designs?

Conrad: Fashion has always been something I’ve been passionate about.  It’s the truest outward expression of who we are.  For our Clutch Bodyshop collection, I really wanted to create something that was representative of the brand–simple, quality and innovative.  I really wanted to create items that people loved to wear both in and out of the gym and that’s exactly what we did.  When people put on our clothing, I want them to feel just totally bad ass and like they are a part of a movement…sort of like when people wear their favorite sports team jersey.

Delva: Do you have any dreams? How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Conrad: Oh man, how much time do you have?!  I have a lot of dreams…

1] I really want to develop the clothing side of our business and do a collaboration with someone like Adidas Originals and some of the lines they’ve done with people like Pharrell and Rita Ora.

2] In 5 years, I’d like people to look back at now and say, “When Clutch Bodyshop came into the game, it changed the game”.  I hope by the example we have set for the our supplement product quality that other’s will follow suit and cut all the junk used in “diet” foods and supplements.  All of our products are 100% non-GMO, stimulant-free and contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.  I hope this becomes the standard.

3] I want to set up our trainer certification program to expand the reach of the incredible “Clutch” methodology to people all over the world.  We are already doing this through our programs but for people to be able to go and see a “Clutch Bodyshop Certified Trainer” would take things to a whole different level.

Delva: How do you think fitness helps people to achieve their dreams?

Conrad:  Fitness affects your confidence, your focus and your energy.  When you feel like crap, your life can quickly become crap.  When you feel great, you operate out of a totally different place and this control nearly every single area of your life whether it be your personal relationships, job or health.

Delva: Nutrition is a big part of healthy lifestyle, do you have top 3 diet tips for those that want to stay fit?

Conrad: 1] Don’t crash diet–

2] Find a plan that works and is balanced–check out Clutch Cut

3] Find a good stimulant-free supplement line that can help accelerate your results check out ours at

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