With the changes in time and centuries came the changing of the styles that people adhere to, some changes good and some not so good. Dating back to the late 60, men had significant hats that they loved wearing. These hats that they wore were a way to add to their personal style. Evolution came and the trends that were there a while back are now back in action.

The advantage that is brought about by men’s hats is that they can be worn anywhere and with anything and one can still look good wearing them. The most common being bucket hats, the Trapper, the Beanie, the Fedora, the Cowboy Hat, the Lifeguard Hat, the Panama hat, the cap, the visor, the baseball cap among others.

With different seasons come different types of hats that men wear for example, in winter, they tend to wear woollen heats or hats made from fleeces or even the bucket hat because it gives them some type of warmth from the way it is made.

1. The Trapper Hat

Under the Trapper, we have two types and these are the North Face Canvas Trapper and the Nobis Trapper Hat. These two are best worn in winter because they have a faux rascally rabbit lining. They were a great trend in the 1950s are now seen being back in style

2. The Beanie

Next on the list is the Beanie which is in some way a winter version of the baseball cap. This is usually worn either with an oversized T-shirt, a puffy jacket, or even a classic overcoat.

3. The Fedora

The Fedora, which is also known as the grown-ups hat can be worn for any occasion. One can wear it with simple t-shirts and jeans and it will come out perfectly fine. It is also known to be a timeless statement, people of different backgrounds can be able to pull this one off.

4. The Cowboy Hat

There is also the cowboy hat which is best suited for outdoor picnics and also concerts. It has also been seen being brought back into fashion by some great artists and this has risen the high demand for this hat adding to the list of popular hats that men are wearing these days.

5. The Lifeguard Hat

Another type of heat that is seen to be trending amongst men is the lifeguard hat. Its veranda-like base gives the person who is wearing it protection from sunburns as it protects one’s face and also the neck. This type of hat is also suitable for those who intend to spend long hours in the sun, like farmers, but the way that it is being worn these days by men has added a certain style to it.

6. The Panama Hat

The Panama is a hat that is best suited for the summer seasons. One can also put this on with a pair of chinos or shorts and a t-shirt and it will come out nicely. This type of hat is made using plaited leaves of a palm plant.

7. The Bucket Hat

The bucket hat has managed to find its way into modern fashion. The origin of the bucket hat is not regarded as it is now being highly worn and wanted for its folded up brim that can make a man wear with whichever outfit he chooses and for whichever occasion. The bucket hat can either be dressed up or down and it all depends on the brand that one will be wearing.

8. The Baseball cap

The baseball cap, which can also be called the flex-fit cap is now part of the casual men’s wear and is now sported with a six-panel design inclusive of an adjustable back. This type of hat and the way it is comfortable has proven to be loyal to men since day one.

9. The Visor Cap

The visor has managed to find its way back into the mainstream all thanks to activewear and also athletics and leisure time. This type of hat is best suited for a workout, it protects your face from the sun and also gives your head a chance to get air.

10. The Pork Pie

A pork pie hat is also an addition to the popular hats for men. This hat got its name from the fact that it in some way resembles a British pork pie. The hat is in some way similar to the fedora as it closely links to casual wear and also semi-formal wear.


It is not the case that you see a man wearing a hat and you just assume they just put it on to cover their head. These hats add to a certain trend and style that men are following these days. Different hats for different seasons and occasions.

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