This year’s Fashion Week had an added aspect to it. Snapchat. As the models and celebrities proudly showed off their beloved show, using Snapchat story, those at home were fortunate enough to be able to see a small snippet of how much time and effort went into each one, and how different they all are from one another. Whether it be the cartoon inspired, wacky designs at Jeremy Scott, or the natural feel of the Anna Sui show, New York fashion week lived up to, and exceeded, its usual expectations.

Michael Kors brought us a cosy fall wardrobe, with tweed trench coats, thick ribbed jumpers, and glamorous fur. He also, quite easily, proved the classic winter horrors wrong; not all warm clothes have to be frumpy and bare, he brought us charm and luxury to wear amongst the dreary cold weather. By showing us how classics will never go out of style, we were then gladly shocked when one model came out of nowhere and rocked a stunning bright gold dress. And we mean ROCKED IT. Once again, Kors demonstrated just how fabulous your fall wardrobe can be if it contains the three best things: fur, tweed and a statement shimmering gold.

Anna Sui brought out our deep down hippy chick with her nature inspired look sweeping down the catwalk, of autumn colours jumping out at us in welcome maroons, auburns and greens. Also brought to mind were Eskimo’s and Red Indians-minus the cowboys-when we saw her fall collection; a bright blue fur lined black hooded coat paired with knee high black boots also lined with fur, threw us into the deep dark woods. Luckily, we have Sui’s cosy and extremely stylish collection to keep us warm.

Jeremy Scott wowed the crowd with his nostalgic throwback to childhood cartoons, with the crazy colours and patterns dancing through his show and over his designs. A barely recognisable Gigi Hadid took to the lead, and strutted around in, as the first of many, a short jet-black wig dyed yellow at the roots and neon pink block eye shadow. If you weren’t as enchanted as we were, you must have been totally spaced out: the models parading Scott’s jazzy showstopper designs would have caught anyone’s eye, even an unknowing civilian who was sat in a coffee shop a mile away!

Marchesa proved to be as stunning as always and the whole collection seemed to take inspiration from the embers of a bonfire, with its sharp amber and ochre tones standing out between the blacks and cream colours. The one look that took a bold turn was the electric blue silken midi skirt, and by showing us how elegant and charming her designs truly are, she continued to pull off each risk she took, with the black mesh silken top under a full orange feather skirt following suit. Just fabulous.

Victoria Beckham had clearly opened up and taken on the advice of what her customers wanted from her collection this season. Her show was full of grateful investment pieces that shunned the idea of ‘less is more’, and brought back the sexy side into covering up. The voluminous roll neck jumpers, shaping cream midi skirts and sculpting coats, proved that more really is more when it comes to looking fashionable in the most tasteful way possible. Congratulations Victoria, you have well and truly proved many people wrong with your modest take on this season’s top picks.

Alexander Wang surprised his audience with his grungy take on next season’s ‘must haves’. The velvet waistcoats, cropped leather jackets and fisherman jumpers were our top desires, but the chunky gothic boots were slightly further down the scale. They added more solidity to the overall feel of the show, but I don’t think you’ll be catching us in them anytime soon unless we’re dressing up as Wednesday from ‘The Adam’s Family’. Well, after all, black is the new black, so perhaps we could give it a go?

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