Vannessa Ulrich also known as @theprimpysheep lives and breathes fashion and lifestyle. When she’s not kicking butt at her fulltime job, you can find her blogging about her favorite pieces and sharing the most stylish destinations with her followers. Mess Magazine sat down with Vanessa to discuss her journey to becoming a fashion blogger, her advice for personal expression, and an inside look into her future projects.

Describe your style in three words:

Classic, quirky, chic

Tell us a little about your blog and what inspired you to start your blog?

I’ve always been passionate about fashion and textiles, but it wasn’t until I realized that I could create a community around those interests that I started blogging. I love that I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many creative and entrepreneurial people, and work with brands I respect – big and small.

How powerful do you think social media is in our society today?

Humans are social creatures, and I think social media is a natural extension of that. It’s not going anywhere, but the platforms will continue to evolve. I think it has a huge impact, both positive and negative.

Who is your number one fashion inspiration?

Classic cinema. I think of Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy wardrobes and the effortless chic of leading ladies in French New Wave films anytime I need inspiration.

What trends are you currently obsessed with?

Sustainable production. Now that’s a trend I can get on board with!

How do you know what your audience wants to see?

I ask! The feedback is helpful, but it’s also important that I simply cover the things I love. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to do all the work that goes into The Primpy Sheep every day.

What are your most exciting collaborations? 

My favorite collaborations are the ones that came about completely organically, because I already love the brands – like shoe label Inez and luxury bag company Senreve. I’ve also been delighted to start working with a company I’ve admired for a long time, French label Sézane!

Dream company to work for?

There are so many I love and respect – any fashion company that’s committed to thoughtful design, sustainable production, and products that are meant to stand the test of time.

Favorite fashion publications?

Growing up I was a Harper’s Bazaar fan, but these days I do most of my fashion discovery on social media.

What do you use to edit your photos?

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I don’t have one filter I use for everything; I like to optimize every photo to uniquely look its best.

Where do you shop?

I can’t do impulse purchases, so I do all my shopping online. I love Intermix, Shopbop, Hampden Clothing, and Everlane.

What camera do you use?

I love my NikonD750.

How did you manage to build up your following?

I wrote a whole blog post on this – meeting people in person at events was critical for my first year of social media growth.

Do you work full-time and blog?

Yes! I work full-time as the PR director at a marketing agency.

If so, how do you find time to do both?

My blog is a passion project. Writing, styling, taking and editing photos – that’s everything I do in my spare time. It’s not easy; I’m constantly working – but it’s what I love!

What is one fashion trend you wish would come back?

Hats – I love a good fascinator or statement topper. I’ve had the good fortune to connect with luxury hat designers Soigné Hats and Eileen Bleyer Millinery, both of whom make beautiful hats.

What is your top Instagram tip?

Be consistent. Some days I don’t feel like posting, but I do it anyway! It helps keep my audience engaged.

Any exciting projects we can look out for?

Stay tuned for my New York Fashion Week coverage in February!

What is your advice for people who are afraid to express themselves through fashion? 

Wear what flatters you – either your body or your personality, or both. Whatever you decide, rock it. You don’t have to dress for trends or anyone else’s tastes. And if you need some inspiration, find a few fashion bloggers whose style you admire, and ask them for tips! Any influencer worth their salt will be thrilled you reached out.

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