Mess Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Christine Deschemin, the creator of the self- hypnosis app, UpNow. Christine has a mission to help others achieve success through hypnotherapy. Her audios are very diverse targeting mental and emotional wellness, physical wellness, career enhancement, and sports performance. She has an interesting
and a unique story that ultimately leads her to her life as a hypnotherapist.

 How did you go from working in engineering to Hypnotherapy?

I started in engineering then moved to banking. I even received a nano degree in Artificial Intelligence. I am always fascinated with understanding how things work, including the brain. I realized very early on that we did not know much about the brain and what makes a person thrive under pressure. I have always been interested in high
performance. I worked in some of the most high-pressure industries and I did a lot of sports. My quest for safe, effective, and non-invasive methods of self-improvement naturally led me to hypnosis.
All top athletes have a mind coach that helps them build resilience and perform at their best. These coaches use hypnosis. Surgeons and dentists are also using hypnosis to help people manage pain. It will shock you to know that more and more operations are done with hypnotic analgesia and local anesthesia, just by leveraging our innate ability to
control sensations and feelings. When I discovered the amount of research on hypnosis from reputable institutions such as Harvard or Stanford, I knew I was onto the greatest personal development tool ever. The benefits of hypnosis go beyond performance enhancement to overcoming many ailments such as anxiety, depression, IBS, skin problems, emotional eating…

What inspired you to create UpNow?

I realized very early on that I was much better at thriving under pressure and managing stress than people around me because I was using these self-hypnosis tools such as visualization and imagery daily. So, I wanted to help people incorporate self-hypnosis in their daily routine. In my clinic, I meet people from all walks of life, and most of them are in the public eye.
There is still a huge stigma around mental health and unfortunately, only a few people will seek help unless they have to [and] self-hypnosis offers discretion. More importantly, hypnosis is widely used in Europe and to a lesser extent in the US, but in Asia, people do not know that hypnosis is a valid therapeutic tool approved by many
medical and psychological associations in the world. So, an app was the solution. People can learn the benefits of self-hypnosis from the comfort of their homes and improve their wellbeing. UpNow helps me make access to self-hypnosis affordable and easy.

How did you come up with the name UpNow?

Too many people feel down. There are a host of positive associations with the word ‘’up’’: I am feeling up now, I am getting up now and taking action, things are looking up now… So I embedded what the brand stands for into the name. The UpNow app is here to make a tremendous impact on people’s wellbeing.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis is a state of focused awareness. It is as simple as that. You are in that natural state many times during the day: when you watch TV, when you are engrossed in a book and lose track of time when you are an athlete in the middle of a competition…. In that state, you can more readily accept suggestions. In a hypnotherapy session, a hypnotherapist gathers the benefits you want to achieve.
Then you are guided into that natural state of self-hypnosis. And you listen to suggestions.

Who should practice hypnotherapy?

Everyone needs hypnotherapy. Actually, the vast majority of the human race already practices self-hypnosis: when they
drive on the highway and lose track of time when they get engrossed in a book, or a TV program. The rare cases when you should not have hypnotherapy are if you suffer from severe psychiatric diseases such as psychosis.

How can people benefit from using self-hypnotherapy?

People can benefit tremendously from self-hypnotherapy. It can help you reboot your mindset to achieve the lifestyle changes you want for a healthier and happier you. Some of the benefits are:
 Weight loss / slimming
 Sleeping better
 Stress management
 Anxiety
 Depression
 Improving relationships
 Phobias
 Shedding bad habits
 Gaining confidence
 Sports performance
 Corporate performance
 Pain Management
 Women’s health
I cannot stress enough the advantages of self-hypnosis, especially in our current times. The stress levels and the amount of change have only increased over the last 6 months.
To be able to seize opportunities and reinvent oneself, there is no better tool than self- hypnosis. You cannot meditate your stress away; you cannot meditate burnout away. The emotional brain always wins over the rational brain. Hypnosis helps you partner with your mind.

What types of audios does your app contain?

We have created high quality audios in 17 categories. There are about 80 hypnosis downloads available now. And we will keep expanding our library.

Would you say self-hypnosis is as effective as working directly with a therapist?

Remember that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The therapist is just guiding you into that natural state of hypnosis, where you can make the changes you want. So, self-hypnosis
is just as effective as working directly with a therapist provided that you picked the right download. Actually, many of my in-person clients learn self-hypnosis and use it on a daily basis.

Are there any new audios that will be coming out soon?

Absolutely. We have just released one hypnosis download on drinking in moderation and three hypnosis downloads on women’s health (enhance fertility, manage morning sickness, and overcome postpartum depression).
We will soon release a series of downloads related to phobias and a whole series for professionals (Letting go of the impostor syndrome, bouncing back from rejection, overcoming perfectionism, achieving work-life balance…)

What are your goals to move forward with the app?

We have big plans for the app. I cannot really share them now. All I can say is that we will increase the range of topics. We have designed UpNow to become your partner of choice when it comes to achieving wellbeing and performance. UpNow is the platform or mental health at your fingertips.

About Christine:
Christine Deschemin is a certified hypnotherapist and founder of the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Centre in Hong Kong and released the self-hypnosis ap, UpNow. After a career in aeronautical engineering and finance, she foresaw the increased need for solution-focused wellness, became a certified hypnotherapist, and opened the first hypnotherapy center in Hong Kong.   Her experience as a fencing athlete led her to fully grasp the importance and power of mindset not only for optimal health but also for performance very early on. In her quest for a non-invasive and safe method for self-improvement, she noticed the growing amount of research pointing to the efficacy of hypnosis for a variety of mental diseases and physical ailments and the increased use of hypnosis by medical
practitioners in Europe and the US. This led her to obtain diplomas and certifications in hypnosis and NLP.   

With a keen interest in resilience, she leverages her experience as an athlete and as a former engineer and banker in high-stress environments with her executives and sports clients. In March of 2020, she released the UpNow hypnosis app to bring the benefits of self-hypnosis to the fingertips of anyone in need. The self-hypnosis downloads can be accessed online and offline and make access to mental health aids affordable. In addition to her many scholastic achievements, Christine Deschemin is fluent in four languages, has a Master of Science from the Ecole Polytechnique (France), and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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