Have you tried a rental service yet? If not, you could soon find yourself in the minority.

Renting clothes has become the ultimate solution to the damaging buy-once wear-once culture many of us had become trapped in. The fashion rental movement speaks to our current sharing economy too; in a world where we rent Airbnbs, share Spotify playlists and borrow our doggies, why wouldn’t we also share our clothes? 

In a world where we rent Airbnbs, share Spotify playlists and borrow our doggies, why wouldn’t we also share our clothes? 

So, how does it work? Where shopping sustainably once meant hours spent trawling charity shops, renting has positioned itself as the stylish easy solution. Instead of making large investments into fine clothing, patrons of fashion retail companies rent clothing, accessories, handbags and other fashion apparel for a percentage of the retail price and return them after a specified time. 

Hiring ready-to-wear and accessories for events, birthdays or even day-to-day is not only economical but also more sustainable. Our increase in environmental concerns has made hiring clothes more popular than ever. With the sustainability conversation more insistent than ever, we’re all looking to shop more consciously. The fashion rental industry has popularised itself as an environmentally sustainable answer of continuing the market’s monetary flow without producing more.

Guilt-free fashion consumption is definitely also behind the UK’s rental appetite. Rental fashion is a move away from trend-driven low-priced fast-fashion to a model where customers can still experience the thrill of *a new thing*, but without the commitment, and shame, of having said fashion item somewhere in the back of their wardrobes. Add to this the fact that it offers access to luxury brands that are otherwise out of reach for most. 

Here are the best fashion rental services in the UK to make designer shopping cheaper and more sustainable:

By Rotation

 Rotator Founder @arentyoueshita & Rotator shopper @aimeecroysdill

The only fashion rental service that has gotten itself an app, By Rotation is another peer-to-peer platform facilitating the sharing of people’s personal wardrobes.


@yazjohnsonn in Rotaro

A cult label rental service, which holds stock centrally and promises a next day delivery across the UK (as well as same day in some cases), Rotaro has all of your favourite brands, including Cecilie Bahnsen and Jacquemus.


@aideen_cd &  @leoniehanne prada bag moment thanks to Cocoon

Cocoon has emerged as the premium bag rental service over fashion month. With Instagram-perfect handbags on offer from the likes of Bottega Veneta to Gucci at less than a £100 a month. 

With their monthly membership model, Cocoon becomes a part of your daily life. You’re not loaning a handbag for a one-off occasion, you’re developing a long-term relationship with us and enjoying luxury more responsibly

My Wardrobe HQ

oliviaarben in MWHQ

Providing one of the most comprehensive services out there, MY WARDROBE HQ (MWHQ) is a rental service that combines stock from brands like Christopher Kane as well as people’s personal collection that the company intakes, cleans, stores and delivers for you.

It also has the option of purchase on most items, unlike every other rental service currently in the UK. Meaning that if you fall in love with a piece, you can have it forever.


@badkidhq having a fashionable night in thanks to HURR

Specialising in mid-range luxury brands, Hurr is a peer-to-peer rental service with no central hub, meaning lenders are responsible for posting, couriering or exchanging their items in person – kind of like Airbnb for fashion.

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