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Dirty Feet Theatre co. is a homegrown, London-based, company who strive to tackle issues of sustainability via their theatre productions. The company was founded by Royal Holloway, University of London graduates Esme Pearson-Brown and Anna Robinson who are passionate in their creative response to the climate crisis. We sat down with the founders to discuss all things sustainable and their hopes for the future of their creative pursuits.


What inspired you to create a sustainable theatre company?

It was a fusion of both of our passions, a love for theatre and the planet and an understanding that neither of these need compromise the other. Both of us had focused on sustainability in university and were eager to take this out into the world.

What does sustainable theatre mean to you?

Sustainable theatre isn’t necessarily discussing ecological themes in our pieces (which we do enjoy doing) but making sure that we are as ecologically conscious as possible in our creative decisions and processes. Making choices that prioritise the planet and actively working in eco-conscious ways.

What do you see as the future of your theatre company?

Our dream is to continue making interesting, exciting theatre and growing our community of creatives around us. It stems from our ethos of how we want to work with others. We value all of our collaborators and have loved seeing how everyone has been so on board to think outside of the box and be as sustainable as possible!

In your opinion, how is theatre in general lacking in sustainability?

The theatre industry has the potential to be a community that works together to help each other become sustainable in our practices. However, with endless prop lists, lighting requirements, and merchandise selling, it’s seemingly impossible for small theatre companies to create quality shows without affecting the environment negatively. When not considered, particularly in a commercial setting, these can build up to have a large environmental impact. Simple solutions such as prop relocation and resorting to more eco-friendly technology would positively impact the industry’s sustainability.

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How would you say that Instagram as a platform has helped to promote your brand and message?

Instagram has been invaluable in allowing us to find other sustainable theatre companies and growing our circles. For emerging theatre companies such as us, especially during these unstable times, it is incredibly important to get the word across and try to connect to as many people as possible. Using tools such as stories, we can share what we post on our theatre page and personal accounts to reach more people – people we know will support us.

What are some of your favourite sustainable theatre companies?

Some companies that have inspired us are: The Plastica Girls and the Pigfoot Theatre Company (a carbon-neutral company).

What are your plans for the Camden Fringe and how do you hope this will develop your company?

We are so excited to be taking our show, ‘Mischief and Mayhem’, to Camden Fringe 2021! It encapsulates all that we are about as a theatre company, merging magical chaos with heartfelt messages to encourage the audience to think, converse, and take action.

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