Sitting Down With Dirty Feet Theatre: The Sustainable Theatre Brand

Dirty Feet Theatre co. is a homegrown, London-based, company who strive to tackle issues of sustainability via their theatre productions. The company was founded by Royal Holloway, University of London graduates Esme Pearson-Brown and Anna Robinson who are passionate in their creative response to the climate crisis. We sat down with the founders to discuss all things sustainable and their hopes for the future of their creative pursuits.

The Art of The Virtual Human

Often the thought of digitalised, heavily filtered, reality-altered figures can lend way to a discussion on self-imaging issues and body dysmorphic tendencies. After all, we live in a world dictated by the likes of Instagram where Photoshop and beauty filters are rife. Surely encouraging another, heightened, level of digital humanisation will only further this issue? Perhaps, this argument is too simplistic.

Feminist Clothing Brands to Support in 2021

Often fashion brands are geared towards attracting a female-based clientele, yet few of these companies actually hold women and feminism as a core value. It’s about time we had companies both representing and supporting the feminist movement. We have compiled a list of brands who are really stepping up and doing their bit to promote gender equality and feminism throughout their work.