With her blue doe-eyes and long blonde locks The Blonde Salad has taken the fashion world by storm. After posting numerous pictures to the website Flickr from her travels and modelling shoots Chiarra Ferragni was inspired to create the infamous blog The Blonde Salad in October 2009 by her amount of page views and the rest is history, a fashion mogul was born.  Chiarra Ferragni expresses that her passion for fashion began from a young age by idolising her mother who worked in the fashion industry and having her as an icon, proceeding to aspire to be just like her.

I absolutely adore this blogger and her style; mixing classic pieces with the most unusual of accessories (Don’t get me started on those red furry gloves in her Moschino post – serious glove envy over here) she takes inspiration for her outfits from archives of the past, films, music and people-watching; favouring street style over catwalk fashion, mostly from the likes of our very own Kate Moss and America’s bohemian fashion darlings Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Chiarra has no particular brand she shops from or favours, however she confesses that her favourite city to shop in is London as it houses everything you could possibly want to find, alongside NYC for their huge range of different retailers and stores. Mostly though, she prefers to stay indoors shopping online when she gets a spare five minutes rather than venture out, shell also pop into vintage stores and loves shopping abroad for all the unique pieces she finds.  When it comes to shoes and handbags however, there are no compromises. Chiarra will make these purchases from Chanel, Balenciaga, and Christian Louboutin for their unique designs, picking items based on the quality of the material they’re made from.

The Blonde Salad’s style is chic yet effortless, something she has aimed to epitomize, with lashings of quirky pieces and colour dotted with cut-out details. In the future she hopes to continue working on her blog and develop this further, with more fashion-industry insider’s collaboration in the pipeline. So far she has worked alongside Steve madden to design an exclusive 9-piece shoe collection launching last February, and she is also selling a shoe collection available at shopstyle.co.uk featuring studded boots, platform high-heels and pumps with cartoon inspired eyes covered in glitter. What more could you really want from a shoe collection, with prices ranging from just £100-£200.

The Blonde Salad is a blog that instantly made me feel happy when I saw all the imagery and colour on my screen, with short and snappy words of fashion wisdom, written for our eyes only beneath another fabulous outfit from Chiarra. I like the fact the blog is all about her life in particular with no ad banners and few commercial fashion reviews. She has included video links about herself and a Facebook page, alongside a “pick of the day” item,  which I think is a fun way to view a quick current trend when your too short for time to read the entire blog, which has climaxed to a huge 19,231 page views daily. Go to theblondesalad.com to get your fashion fix and new style inspiration now.



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