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Personally, I’m bored of every basic influencer/ex-reality star releasing the same loungewear set and calling it a fashion brand. 

We are living in an age where anyone can manufacture their own clothes and become famous enough to sell them. Everywhere you turn on Instagram another influencer has released their very own loungewear, the only difference between this set and the last is the logo. I know we’re not living under a communist dictatorship, we have freedom of choice in what brand to buy from but, why does no one in this position have any level of creativity? 

I’m not going to name names, I’d be here all day listing each and every basic brand. Even thinking about it now I’m struggling to come up with anyone who has an actual USP that’s not just their face. I will give props to H3H3 and Hila Klein for Teddy Fresh though, I LOVE Teddy Fresh. I’m also a secret fan of TGF’s Childish which feels almost sacrilegious. 

The same complaint has been made of the beauty industry, like the first thing people do when they have the exposure is make an eyeshadow palette or a skin serum. It’s boring. 

Even brands that claim to be the next best thing in the sustainable market are only adding to the consumerist nature of their audience. The brand isn’t really doing anything or saying anything that other brands aren’t. I mean, I don’t think there’s a conclusion to this and as long as people keep buying from these brands, there’ll be room for the next one. I would just love to see some originality from an influencer one day. 

Like with all things that require notoriety, it’s so frustrating to think of all the actually talented, creative designers with a brand voice worth hearing that don’t have the audience or the funds to see their designs become a reality. 

I think even worse than this are the fast fashion brands who use influencers to put together a ‘collection’ under a different name each time, even then, it’s just the same few dresses. Some of these influencers are genuinely into fashion and others just wear clothes. Literally, nothing other than their followers qualifies them to put their name on these basic collections. The brands’ doing this could help fund small designers who have actual substance and an eye for fashion to produce and sell their designs. Anything but the same floral dress and an oversized t-shirt with cycle shorts collection. 

To finish up, my favourite actually creative designers I found via Instagram are: 

Valentina Voight; Kiki the Brand; Selkie; Yung Reaper and My Mum Made It.

All is not lost.

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