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Copenhagen Fashion Week 2021 launched on Tuesday 10th August with a huge lineup of incredible brands, collections and, important messages. CPFW is Denmark’s answer to haute couture, high quality fashion; demonstrating a fusion of eclectic creativity and sustainability all at its core.

We’ve derived a list of our favourite moments from this year’s show, rounding up the events of each day. Scroll through to see for yourself just how ground-breaking this event truly is.

CPFW Day 1:

Nikolaj Storm Copenhagen

Nikolaj Storm Copenhagen launched their ‘Techno Teaparty’ line, with inspiration derived from the underground techno scenes of Berlin. This vibrant collection was also the recipient of the ‘Zalando Sustainability Award’ for its commitments to ecological practices.


A Birger Christensen brand which places focus on straight-forward fashion with an urban twist. REMAIN’s collection featured sleek, tailored pieces with hints of their signature leather finish.


The SS22 collection is described as “incorporating the old school tailoring with pattern manipulation, where the rules of old school pattern making are broken”.

CPFW Day 2:


Danish designer Julie Brøgger loves feminine silhouettes, playing with the line of formal and day wear. This romantic collection demonstrated the brand’s flirty, playful approach to design.

Han Kjøbenhavn

The fusion of modern, avant-garde shapes with the more simplistic, stripped back Scandinavian style creates a truly distinctive and fascinating collection. The contrast offers a unique insight into founder and creative director, Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen’s creative process.


The HELMSTEDT world is one full of wonder and colour. Both their runways and collections are a truly immersive experience which transport its audiences into a universe of true artistry.

CPFW Day 3:


Another Birger Christensen brand, ROTATE places focus on the party side of fashion, creating pieces that are both bold and everyday staples. The brand is known for its eye-catching patterns, colours, and fits.


GANNI is a husband-and-wife founded company who embody personality, charm, and colour throughout every piece. Self-expression is at the core of their company values, ensuring that every piece has the ability to be turned into something individual and personal for every person.


Amalie Røge Hove Geertsen founded this knitwear-based brand, showcasing their modern approach to this traditional form of craft. The purpose behind this collection and every piece is to truly demonstrate the materials and their abilities, allowing it to tell a different story for every unique person who wears it.