This past week, the 76th annual International Film Festival took in Venice. Director Lucrecia Martel was appointed as head of the film jury, and “The Truth”, directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, was chosen to kick off the festival. For the next 10 days, a plethora of artistic films were presented, with the prestigious Golden Lion being awarded to “Joker”, directed by Todd Phillips.

The aim of the festival is to spread awareness for for all forms of art through film, along with promoting a better understanding of the history of cinema. Every year, five juries are selected to present awards to the top directors on the last day of the show. Awards range from Best Actor/Actress to Best Screenplay/Short Film, etc. 


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To some attendees surprise, “Joker” won the Golden Lion Award at the festival. The dark super villain story is a top Hollywood production, a type which rarely wins prizes at VFF. It was also the first superhero-type film to receive an honor at the festival. 

An Officer and A Spy

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While “Joker” received the highest award at the festival, the runner up was Roman Polanski film, “An Officer and A Spy.” Not discounting his artistry and talent in his creation of the film, his acceptance of the prize was a met by fury in many parties, due to a previous egregious crime he committed.

About Endlessness

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Winner of the Silver Lion Award for Best Director, “About Endlessness” is a Swedish drama directed by Roy Andersson. In short, the film is “a reflection on human life in all its beauty and cruelty, its splendor and banality..” With actors Jane-Eje Feeling and Martin Serner, the film was an artistically original Swedish gem.

Gloria Mundi

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Winner of the Volpi Cup for Best Actress, Ariane Ascaride starred in the film “Glorida Mundi”, which focuses on life, love and social class in the suburbs of Marseille. Directed by Robert Guédiguian, the film had an excellent cast and it is no surprise that Ariane was awarded the Volpi Cup.

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