The mergence of technology with clothing and accessories has blurred the lines between the tech and fashion worlds. In fact, fashion-forward industry insiders like WWD have traded in the term “wearables” for “fashtech,” “wearable art” and “tech couture.” This means tech-powered clothing and accessories perform a function — fashionably. If you’re a self-proclaimed fashionista with a passion for innovation, these wearable and accessorizing gadgets have the power to upgrade your way of life with style.

Aries and Leaf

When you think of smart jewelry, you immediately picture bulky fitness trackers with aesthetics restricted to a rainbow of colors to chose from. But smart jewelry reaches such heights of innovation that it first looks like a high-end piece of jewelry and then functions like a high-tech wearable.

Ringly, a pioneer in smart jewelry, launched an accessories line of gold-plated bangles with semi-precious stones called Aries. These bracelets buzz with custom notifications like phone calls and meeting alerts. The elegantly designed pendant by Bellabeat Leaf is a health monitor crafted to track your body and mind, from predicting stress and guiding meditation exercises to monitoring physical activity and sleep.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

High-tech rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces keep you connected while reducing contact with your phone. But for the fashion-forward gal, her phone shares value in her accessories. Matching beautiful high-tech jewelry with a sleek smartphone creates the ultimate in stylish accessorizing. To complement your luxury smart jewelry, use the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as your fashionable smartphone device. Choose your Samsung Galaxy in silver titanium or gold platinum with a slick, signature “Edge” screen. Built with a durable drop- and water-resistant design, the phone doesn’t require an unsightly or bulky case that robs the device of its highly engineered beauty.


Style goes beyond accessories and clothing — to undergarments. Sports bras now offer more than just support during workouts. The OMSignal sports bra is a high-performance bra designed to adapt to your body and workout with wireless real-time biometrics and innovative fitness features. A product of science and design, this bra ensures you stay ahead of the game. Choose from an array of colors to stylishly match your bra to your outfit. Then reach the peak of your athletic performance with tools to boost your stamina, torch calories and push your body’s limits. After your workout you can review results and key metrics, like breathing and heart rate.


Quiet meditation is just as essential to your health and wellness as your workout regimen. There’s no second guessing; meditation helps heal your mind and body as a technique for stress reduction and mindfulness. With the hustle and bustle of on-the-go lifestyles and jam-packed schedules, meditation can be challenging to not only fit in, but achieve.

Imagine simply putting on a cutting-edge headband to improve your meditation practice. Muse is a high-tech, brain-sensing headband that is designed to calibrate your brain and provide real-time feedback. Based on your brain signals, Muse responds with soundscapes like the beach, rainforest and desert. Each session measures your progress and gives tips on how to improve your practice for maximum well-being.

Here One

Fashion is all about sleek minimalism, which is how Here One wireless smart earbuds were designed to be. Dubbed an all-in-one listening system, these two smart buds connect with an app to stream music and audio content, reduce unwanted noise and amplify speech. And that’s not all. These headphones can take phone calls and access Google Now.

Here One enables you to get lost in your own experience by tuning out the world. Filter out office chatter, control noise and create sound effects to transform your live experience. Ditch those bulky over-the-ear headphones or earbuds with an unsightly cord; these white or black earbuds customize your experience in the real world wirelessly and minimally.


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