Oftentimes, today’s parents feel too far away from their kids. It’s not because of physical distance, but because of emotional distance. Kids are growing up and they will soon become adults. Their world is changing along with their body, their vision of life is also moving into a mature perspective. But they still need their parents’ love and the best way to show you love your kids is to spend time with them.

parents and kidsExplore Your Kids’ World!

No matter what you can think to do together, the difference stays in the simple decision of spending that time and dedicating it entirely to your kids. They will enjoy your presence, they will share their thoughts with them, and you will slowly start feeling that gap in between is decreasing day after day.

Usually, most kids are passionate video gamers. They love playing video games, showing their friends how skilled they could become in a certain game, and stuff like that. It’s part of their “world” and the good news for you is that it’s an open world where you can move in and play your part, as well.

First of all, select a palette of video games that you may want to play with your kids. Use nintendofan.net to see what video games are performing better in recent times. You will also discover a lot of updates and news that you were missing about video games and console games.

When you are ready, propose your kids test their skills with you… it will be so much fun for everyone!

Try And Share These Games With Your Kids!

Although you may think that you don’t like playing video games that much, sharing some free time along with your kids will surely be worth the effort. It’s not about winning the game, but it’s more a matter of spending some time together with your beloved ones. The following selection of video games sounds really like an excellent starting point for every parent:

  1. MinecraftMinecraft
    Here’s one of the most loved video games ever made: Minecraft recalls the world of Lego building blocks. All elements are geometrically designed on the basic shape of a cube. Think that Minecraft is used in certain schools to improve the students’ creativity and problem-solving skills. Just start exploring the world of Minecraft… you won’t stop playing!
  2. Nintendo Labo
    This game is a little expensive and it’s not the best choice for little children. But if you have kids or children who are patient and love crafting arts, Labo is a superb game to try. The best feature of this game from Nintendo is that it can help develop creativity easily, you will enjoy it all the time.
  3. Super Mario 3D World
    Who doesn’t know Super Mario? It’s a piece of history in the video game industry and it’s probably the best child-friend game ever released by Nintendo. It’s cool, nice, funny, colorful and it can be played with simple controls. In particular, Super Mario 3D World is thought for cooperative play, which comes excellent if you want to play video games with your kids or you want them to play together with a friend. It’s a very good choice for a great afternoon at home with the family.
  4. Splatoon 2
    The graphics of Splatoon 2 is amazing, colorful, and it will keep you and your kids playing it for hours. This game is designed for kids, so you will find many features that are clearly kid-friendly which makes Splatoon 2 even more engaging for your kids.
  5. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
    Another very popular video game saga that everyone already knows and appreciates. Breath Of The Wild is an attractive product in the gaming industry like only a few others. It might be a little tricky for younger kids, but it’s extremely engaging and full of action, combat, explorations to try. Also, the graphics are superb and you’ll like it at a first glance.
  6. Rocket LeagueRocket League
    Ever thought of playing a soccer match using cars? With Rocket League you can do it. This game enables you to choose in different ways: as a single-player, in pair with another car, or a small team of three cars. Try all the functions of the game to score your goals!
  7. Rayman Legends
    Do you love fancy stories with stunning characters? Rayman Legends brings you to a whimsical and funny world with charming design and dreamy features that everyone will immediately love. You can play with your kids or you can wait for your turn and help on the most challenging levels (there are a lot to play together!).

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