Aliona Kuzentsova Presents her Dream Project in an exclusive collaboration with MESS magazine. Her art encapsulates the small divide between reality and imagination. The project images provide you with the same calm you feel as you descend into sleep, through soft tones and picturesque scenery. Aliona took the time to discuss how she defines her art and the concept behind Dream Project.

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Model: Mi Mickelis

About my artistic approach

People say there is no right and wrong in art and imperfection is what makes it beautiful. I never quite grasped this vision, mainly because when looking at my pictures I always know which one is the right one. I can even introduce a “mistake” in the right place, but it would be a calculated mistake. So I would say, my art is about us, imperfect people, working on imperfect location with imperfect tools striving to create the perfect result.


Model and MUA: Dazirae Reynhart Stylist: Anastasia Alexandrova

About the series

Dreams are the most primitive form of creativity. One doesn’t have to put much effort into dreaming, but at the same time dreams combine some of the most mystical things: a mash-up of subconscious thoughts, loose connections between random events of the day and old memories, the version of reality that does not obey the rules of reason.


Model and MUA: Dazirae Reynhart Stylist: Anastasia Alexandrova

A lot has been said about dreams in art and science and, in the 3 months I spent on the topic, one couldn’t possibly cover everything. So I focused on one aspect of dreaming – the feeling that you have immediately after waking up and often carry through the whole day. This is how the photographs were created: “a sad dream about waiting”, “a dream of a burning kiss”, “a little dream about yellow umbrella” and others.


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