With trends always changing, it can be difficult to determine what clothes to wear. The best way to find trending clothes that fit your body is to understand your shape and what clothing best flatters your shape. Fashion, the same as makeup and hair, is a tool which you can use to create a look that makes you comfortable. Changing your clothes so as to flatter your body will have a positive effect on your life. Your goal is to contrast what your body tells you. If your body is angular, then you want to add softness. If your body is soft, then you want to add some structure. The idea of fashion is to ensure balance!

Triangle Body Shape

The triangle body shape boasts shapely legs, with a trim waist, and hips that turn heads and give your body a feminine appeal. Some common pitfalls of this body shape are having a slender upper body which you may want to show off with slim-fitting shirts. But you mustn’t do this! Tiny tops will throw off the balance of your body and make your bottom look bigger than it truly is. 

  • In terms of tops, you want to consider layers. In order to create balance for this shape you want to fill out your upper half. 

  • Cardigans are great because they add volume in a lightweight fashion. 

  • If the weather is cooler you can wear a cropped jacket which stops at your waist. 

  • Don’t hesitate to show some skin either with a wide scoop neck, a one-shoulder top, or three quarter sleeves. 

In terms of bottoms you should look for boot cut pants. These are best because the slight flare will balance out your curves, especially if they are worn with heels which provide some length to your legs. You want to wear medium-rise jeans that are dark, with a simple stitch, and pockets on the back. If you are wearing dresses or skirts look for the A line cut so that it falls over your curves and will highlight your waist. Don’t wear pleated skirts or high waist skirts as they are meant for women who have less of a figure. 

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In terms of the fabrics, you want to draw eyes upward with embellished tops and bright colors. You might consider a cardigan that has a rosette detail or a shirt with horizontal stripes. You can wear chunky jewelry to add interest. For your lower body prints and patterns are acceptable but you should find darker colors. 

Circle Body Shape

The best features of the circle body shape are slender legs, a trim booty, slight shoulders, all of which give you a graceful allure. 

Some common pitfalls of dressing with this body shape are that many people try and cover their circle bodies. But you shouldn’t do this. You should show off a little leg, some neckline, and your forearms. This gives you an elegantly classy look which also makes you look leaner, makes your legs look longer, and makes you look younger. 

In terms of tops you want to add structure to a soft and round body, particularly on the top. You want to aim for a structured blazer that draws lines and angles across your body. You can wear wrap dresses that do this too. You can also search for asymmetrical hemlines. If you use flutter sleeves, cowl necks, and draped fabrics it will add a feminine flourish. If you want more support, you can consider a layer with a dressy tank top which has some lycra.

In terms of the bottoms, you should show off your great legs. You can wear a boot cut or a slim leg. You can wear some heels with these pants to show off your legs and reduce some weight. You can wear dresses with gathering or ruching to hide the tummy and create a great hourglass effect. You should wear prints and patterns on your upper body, like large geometric prints or floral prints. These will flatter your body. But stay away from small prints because these won’t do the trick. Try weighty fabrics like wool or heavy cotton because they will give you a more natural structure. 

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