From her mermaid pink hair to her eclectic style Audrey Kitching lies on the forefront of fashion and Internet stardom. With an impressive 247 k Instagram following and counting Audrey is solidifying her influence, and with an expansive resume, she is not to be taken lightly.

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The artist, designer, blogger, and model has a creative and electric energy about her that makes her fascinating to follow. Her style is an amalgamation of pastels, vintage, and out of the box styling. Cosmopolitan, Nylon, and Glamour have documented her progress from model to social media star/designer. Her first entrance into the industry was through modeling at the tender age of 14 where she was discovered at a hair salon. As she evolved she began to move behind the camera acting as creative director. Through her modeling, Audrey has altered the traditional standards of beauty changing it to something more inclusive and with fewer rules.



Her work as a designer is equally impressive as her work as a model. Audrey has directed and designed for a series of clothing lines, even launching her own brand called LUNA, an organic and fair trade luxury brand inspired by astrology, positive thinking, and magic. Her high-profile collaborations include H&M and Kerol D Milano. All of which has left the industry stunned by her sheer versatility and ambition.

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The fashion conscious beauty maven has appeared in a selection of Peta campaigns condemning the use of fur. She is also a healer, using astrology reports, energy healing, and crystal work to help others. It prompted her to found the company Crystal Cactus one of her most artistic ventures showcases a selection of jewelry and precious stones all available for purchase at Urban Outfitters and online.


Currently, Audrey works as a contributor for Mess magazine, CEOO of Crystal Cactus, and models.  She is building up her portfolio to make a name for herself in this industry. Audrey Kitching truly is a 2016 renaissance woman with no limits to her success.



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