BElaik starts with a travel to India where I fell in Love with the country and most with the people, long time ago. Feeling unfulfilled with my job and with a personal issue, I came back and felt inspired to start this project. To introduce some creativity, colors and finding a way to help others. Something completely different that I’ve done before.

Belaik jewelry is born to see a/your personal essence reflected in an object and show others a reflection of your personality. Searching for the alter ego of each person. To make an statement without a word. A sense of craft and use of tradition techniques lend the pieces a soft and decidedly human touch.

It’s a tribute to loves of my life, my dogs, Bebe and Laika. My way to continue loving.

Determinate, brutally soft, traveler, adventurous, trendy, brave, kind, dreamer, wanderer, soul searcher, deep in thoughts, mysterious.. Pick what you feel most!

I have read a lot about the Universe, the planets but also about mythology, grec and roman, and so, sacred symbols. And of course, traveling, it’s the most enriching experience, to have an open mind to accept, live and embrace every culture. I think that i keep my unique style and voice, giving a meaning to each piece, a story. Talking about inspiration, motivation and feelings rather than about the product. I think we don’t appreciate anything that comes easy to our lives. From my personal experience it’s hard cause I come from completely another field, so I don’t stop to read, study, try, and learn and ask. In another hand, the competition is anymore local in this world, it’s huge with internet and social media where you can find brilliant artists and works from every corner of the planet. Which i prefer to not see as a problem but as inspiration.

I’m not religious but spiritual, which could be related. I believe that Magic power it’s inside us and the meaning that we give to Life and everything around. These pieces have to me, and at least it’s a daily remind of some “principles” for who who don’t believe.

My inspiration comes from these influence.

It’s very social oriented, this started also looking for a way to help people that I have met in my travels that I wanted to help. Poor but talented artisans. Then the 11% is to help other projects that also interest me.

If things goes well, why not. To help is one of the biggest goals. I think giving money it’s an easy way to clean our consciousness. It worth more to invest in giving work, talk about education and woman empowerment and find what they really need and figured out how to get it. And be sure where the money really goes. (you can find in one of the highlights of instagram some pics in a school and in a village where i have been helping and working)

Can make an impact in the way they make you feel. In all the descriptions i don’t talk about the product but about inspiration or motivation. I want to make feel beautiful and pretty sure, but also, strong, confident, brave. We have some special designs that distinguishes whoever wears them.

I have already talked about where the inspiration comes. This collection, it’s perfect for festivals, to laydown on the beach and to make a difference on a  regular daily outfit. The ear cuffs are something completely different and unique that catch the attention of everyone wherever you go.

To expand as much as possible, to be able to offer more designs, to help more, to improve in everything possible.

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