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So we all have a closet full of shoes and there’s probably pairs in there that aren’t going to get worn again or you just think have lost their original ‘spark’, well what if you could give them that ‘something’ back without having to go out and buy another pair (which we all know will happen). Heelsters is the accessory that can reinvent your heels, a luxurious appliqué that can alter the way your heel looks in a variety of different ways.

Heelsters Bracelets and Cuff Styles.

Let’s go into some of the facts about Heelsters: The idea was created by heel enthusiasts Amela Tedesco and Reni Stoll of Vesper and Vixen, it arose in Summer of 2014 and was thought up to inspire and change the way young women wear their favourite shoes. The product comes from the USA and is produced by a talented design team which uses durable and luxurious materials so you know you’re paying for quality that lasts. The materials used are high quality and can even protect heels from pesky scratches which can ultimately ruin your favourite heels, the designs fit any heel up to 4 inches (height-wise) and are weather resistant as we all know you can’t always rely on the sun. The product can last from weeks to months and is available in three options – Heelster Bracelets which are laser-cut appliqués placed across the spine of the heel, Heelster Brooches which are brooch like appliqués stuck to the heel and the front of the shoe and Heelster Cuffs which are appliqués which are placed on the heel much like a cuff, intrigued yet? If all that wasn’t enough, the designs are inspired by the creative, diverse and edgy New York City and each collection has it’s own story so you can collect the one that relates most to you, keeping it personal or just collect them all and have as many options as you please! We all know it takes ages to choose an outfit and an accessory is the same so the bigger the choice, the better.

Heelster Bracelet Design

Styles can range from Heavy Metal, Wild Thing and Garden of Bloom depending on whatever attitude you’re feeling. This summer one of the trends seems to be hitting a floral strike and going into a strong gothic vibe – if you wanna take inspiration look at Taylor Swift as she goes through her Jenny Humphrey style phase (Gossip Girl character aka Taylor Momsen), it’s all about the slashed bobs, dewy skin, dark lips and black on black combos. Heelsters is the accessory you need to mix and match with this trend and can keep you standing out from the crowd.

Heelster Rose Design, Credit - Heelster

Heelster Golden Rose Bracelet Design

Who knew it could be so simple to convert an old pair of shoes into brand shiny new ones customised by yourself to fit your own personal taste, it’s a funky new trend and it’ll save you money on that shoe shopping habit we can all get out of boredom and looking at our ‘tired’ old shoe closet. They always say less is more, but we say gold is great and this kind of simple accessory is the most effective to keep your summer style cool and on ahead of the curve.

Image Credit – Heelster (heelster.us)

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