The internet has no doubt transformed our day to day. TVs are decidedly old fashion, and if you are writing on paper you are truly prehistoric. Power is now in the hands of the people. In the case of the fashion industry, in the hands of a select group of young women who are changing the game through their hashtags and savy captions. These internet beauties are calling the shots in fashion. The non-conforming Internet cool girl takes many faces. She is unapologetic and completely unique.


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Fashion is taking direction from an entirely new source; Instagram. Renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath has used some of the Internet’s coolest girls to be representatives of her makeup collection. Instagrammers Paloma Elsesser, and Eileen Kelly, who together amasses an impressive 400 thousand followers, can be considered the epitome of the ‘internet cool girl’. Eileen Kelly in particular has been the embodiment of the internet cool girl, using her platform and controversy to create a unique line of shirts and a website or canadian pharmacy viagra dedicated to discussing sexual health.

The Internet cool girl is starting a fashion revolution through her posts. Her sheer defiance to be different has encouraged the fashion industry to become more inclusive to women of different ethnicities and sizes. Allowing people to start their own zines, companies and careers, based off of their Internet prevalence.

Photo taken from Kendall Jenner's Instagram

Photo taken from Kendall Jenner’s Instagram

The modeling industry has been left severely impacted by the rising role of social media. With the two biggest names in fashion right now; Gigi Hadid, and Kendal Jenner, each with an unparalleled presence on social media. Models are finding it tough to compete. According to the daily mail online, the demand for insta-famous models has risen increasingly. Pushing out those without a following.

Fashion is moving to a realm where official degrees and titles, do not matter. If you can showcase yourself or your art and garner a following, companies will come to you for collaboration and inspiration. Instagram has become the biggest platform for these Cinderella style stories of regular girl to internet star.




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