The wait is over and we can now start wearing peter-pan collars in the name of our idol. From May 2017, Alexa Chung’s label will be ready to start filtering into your wardrobe. The 32-year old British sweetheart will be the creative director of “contemporary-priced ready-to-wear line” as stated from Business of Fashion.

With a past of collaborations with brands such as Mulberry, AG Jeans and M&S under her belt, it’s only a matter of time Alexa Chung has got her own label. “I feel as though I’m kind of prepared to do it now. If it had been anytime sooner than this, I either wouldn’t be responsible enough or have been able to take on this kind of feat,” – she stated in an exclusive interview with BOF. 


Alexa Chung – AG Jeans Collaboration

While working with Vogue in the past seven years and being an ultimate muse to the fashion community, we have high hopes with for this collection. Six in-house designers will be working alongside Alexa Chung, who are best from the business in fashion, art, and even music. The collection will be easy to filter into any wardrobe, with Alexa herself having an aim for reaching to everyone. “I’m not making something that has got a crazy high price point. I want to make sure it’s something that is speaking to just everyone on the street.”

We are far too excited for this label here at MESS! Time to get those savings ready for 2017.



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