It’s been an incredible season for menswear at LC:M, PFW and MFW. From co-ords, to the all time high of sports lux, right back down to the influential gender neutral movement, we have seen menswear push boundaries.

Last week we saw Louis Vuitton bring one of the most exciting collections yet of the season. With cultural and street trends combined, it held character true to the brand and it’s ethic, standing it out amoung others at Paris Fashion Week.

Collection began with oriental pieces with detail, fabrics and colour. Co-coordinating shirts and shorts in deep reds and blues, with oriental embroidered delicate detail, finished with small size bag, handing from a singular strap. Feminist touches of high waits and choker accessories were seen throughout. With the cultural vibes flowing from the start, we saw a clash of sports lux details and key pieces. Bomber jackets with elastic striped collars, with baggy flowing shorts, and loose shapes, it was a collaborations of two styles in the spectrum, creating the perfect modern man streetstyle look.

Boiler suits, suits, trainer soled sandels, typographic print, racing strips an 1970s details, this collection progressed creating an active style, being an overall global gathering of style, from China meeting America. The overall collection knocked all the top key trends for men, from shorts, the feminist touches and co-ords. With that, also identifying ranges of style of a modern man and bringing clashing cultures styles together.

With the backing of Nile Rogers Chic, this collection screamed high-fashion and is what every modern man needs in his luxury wardrobe for the summer heat.