As I walk around Covent Garden, I realise how lively and crowded the neighbourhood is, which makes me wonder if this would be a suitable place to relax and achieve peace of the mind and body. I make a turn and find myself in a quieter alleyway, as I walk towards the studio the noise seems to fade as though my subconscious is turning the volume off and preparing me for my “Yotopian” and experience.

As I swing open the front door, I can already feel all the positive energy flowing through my body and the smells of the incense and decor transport me directly to ancient India. I am charged 1£ for a towel and told to leave a deposit for a locker key. I oblige and make my way up the stairs.

Walking into the studio where the class is held is like falling through a portal and feeling just as though you are in a tropical rainforest. The heat is noticeable and so is the increase of awareness of your senses. As I await for the class to begin I look around to see that there is a clear division in yogis. Myself a rookie, I spot a few other newbies as well as some yoga masters. I like this diversity in skill and tell myself that I will not be the only one to ridicule myself.

Positioned in a lotus pose, the instructor recites a beautiful message in Hindu about sending positive energy into the world and how our thoughts and actions affect those around us. Not only am I getting a work out but also receiving a philosophical outlook on the world – I like it.

A half hour into the class and the heat has gotten to me. The room a.k.a rainforest is trying to swallow me up, it has now come to: kill or be killed. I tell myself that I will not succumb to the heat. My body is shaking but I plow through the exercises and focus on my breathing as a distraction.

This is not your typical yoga class, indeed as I click on the details about the class I find this as the description: “An intense, fast paced hot yoga class, incorporating strong dynamic vinyasa sequencing and challenging postures. Vinyasa yoga develops strength, flexibility, and balance. Includes elements specific to the class and teacher. “Vinyasa” means synchronised breath with movement – which relaxes the mind and helps release energy blockages. The addition of the heat will rid your body of toxins and make you sweat!”

Intense? check. Fast paced? check. Hot? check. I am satisfied with the accuracy of what is promised and what is delivered.

As the class finishes I feel as though I am Spiderman on steroids. I have been given a glimpse at what Yoga is really about.  My senses and awareness of everything around me are skyscraping. The class finishes with a mantra and a mellow chant.

My Chakra is unlocked and I exit the class with a feeling of accomplishment and well-being.

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