By Carolina Benjumea @carolina.be95

From Clueless to Friends, Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, and now Emily in Paris and Inventing Anna, Series have always shaped the dress of a specific generation.

Credits NBC/ Getty Images

Credits NBC/ Getty Images

Fashion, as a language of its own, plays an important role in the construction of the self, which is why the right clothing is crucial to construct the image of a character; and here is where brands can play the main role. Fashion brands are taking advantage of the power of product placement to reach big audiences and establish their names in pop culture, and they are enjoying every minute of it.

The influential power of series and movies goes beyond just entertainment. Series have the power to install certain language and attitudes among people who watch them. In the same way, fashion trends can be influenced by our favorite characters, and this is where fashion brands have been paying attention.

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Rachel Green defined the 90’s cool-girl style. Carry Bradshaw popularized Manolo Blahnik’s iconic blue heels. Blair Waldorf’s enviable preppy style ruled the 2010’s era. Emily has installed a color and prints craze and Anna Delvey has taught us about the power dress. Even though it is not new, fashion brands are now being presented with a whole new opportunity, the success of streaming platforms like Netflix.

The power of a good story

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As fashion brands keep searching for new ways to innovate, portray their universe, and touch their audience, series are becoming the best ally to do it. The increasing popularity of series is accompanied by the success of Netflix. The Covid crisis made audiences turn to Netflix for entertainment and distraction, and it became the only contact we had with the outside world. Events were canceled and dressing up became obsolete, series were the fashion escape and the places to dream about fancy clothing again.

Fashion’s appetite for new markets and new clients makes the streaming giant its first target. Netflix knows no borders or limits when it comes to publicity. Available in more than 190 countries, with over 214 million subscribers, the platform has created around 1500 original series and 150 original movies. It changed entertainment forever and became one of the most powerful streaming services in the world. Therefore, product placement strategy is more profitable than common publicity or celebrities’ endorsement deals, is least expensive and there is a bigger reach.

On the other hand, series are a great way to communicate the values of a brand. An interesting character with a dramatic plot and an enviable style is the best mix to exploit the image and storytelling of the brand in real-life situations. According to Vogue Business, “product placement on series can spur spikes in search for brands of up to 300 percent”.

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Thereby, fashion and luxury are being democratized by series and are portraying a more ”accessible” image. This all comes with a recent explosive interest in luxury items led by Chinese youth and influencer culture. When audiences watch their favorite characters with their favorite brands, it becomes more real and close to them, and not as dreamy as celebrities make it look.

Communication and marketing are changing. Fashion brands are presented with a great opportunity to be closer to their target and make them part of their world. As we approach the new digital era, the era of the NFTs and the Metaverse, real people with real stories will be fresh air in an ocean of constructed reality.

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