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Picture this:

It’s Sunday morning and you’re late, very late. You were meant to be out for coffee 5 minutes ago, but last night lured you into big black hole of wine and dancing. You look into the mirror, puzzled – hair stands up at all angles and mascara is smeared across your face. You’re only hope is that what you wear may distract from the disaster that is your face. Looking around, you spot last nights dress and it feels like a part of you has been tossed to the ground. You pick it up – it heavily reeks of perfume and no regrets, and slip it on feeling its power embody you. And then you see it. Last night’s midnight feast, drizzled down your front. But the thing is, you just don’t care. You look past the marks and don’t even acknowledge the creases, because beyond all that “mess”, is perfection.

Now that is the beauty of fashion. It’s the fact that one materialistic item can have that spark. The kind of spark they often gloat about in films and the fireworks that will erupt when Brad Pitt first lays eyes on you.

We often digress that fashion is an extension of who you are and that it is expression in its simplest form. However, fashion is also about feeling. It’s making every minute of every day like a moment in a Beyoncé film – confident and ferociously independent.


Confidence is the key to anything. If you feel beautiful, happy, sexy or just like Taylor Swift, it will show. As Muiccia Prada once said ‘When I design and wonder what the point is, I think of someone having a bad time in their life. Maybe they are sad and they wake up and put on something I have made and it makes them feel just a bit better.’

The desire to make fashion available to everyone is what moves us to make it harder, better, definitely not faster but most importantly stronger. We encourage each individual to embrace whatever it is that makes them feel good and flaunt it.

But how do we continue to do this? How do we recreate the magic that comes with feeling good?

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Whilst the fashion industry is competitive, so to is society. Therefore we have to start making them both more accepting and accessible. It’s about the reassurance that it’s ok not to be perfect and the exposure that anything is possible. Clothes can be purchased anywhere, but it’s finding what’s right for you that is the hard part. So we say: discover your sense of style and own its identity. Once you do this, the rest is a breeze.

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