Victoria Beckham has once again proved her worth as an accomplished designer and a forward thinking fashion force with the debut of her stunning ready to wear A/W 14 collection at NFW.

Over recent years Victoria’s creative eye has truly flourished and enabled her brand to have a distinguished identity and well deserved place in the fashion industry. Beckham’s designs are known their confident simplicity, their effortless elegance and their unique artful touches of colour.

Beckham never failed to showcase these signature traits this season, but executed in an even more sophisticated refined manner. Beckham’s thought process behind the collection derived from the idea of the garments being viewed as 3D objects, giving a different view or feature from different angles including exuberant gold chains clinging on one side of a number of garments.

The opening look was a testament to Beckham’s idea of a 3D approach to design; a beautifully long lined crisp white coat featured clever nonchalant delicate chiffon box pleats at the back.

Other stand out pieces from the collection featured effortless halter tunics, pleated skirts, beautiful structured rounded edged jackets, sheer tops, charmingly tailored trousers, long sleeved jumpers and romantically sweeping ruffle blouses and dresses.

One aspect of the collection that differed from previous seasons, was Beckham’s new found skilful use of layering. This came to light in one particular look which featured a classic Victoria Beckham trouser paired with a pleated maxi skirt on top. This felt so fresh and energetic, and another new approach to designing and styling we haven’t yet seen from Victoria.

The predominantly monochromatic colour palette of the collection was broken up by a striking vivid red. This looked especially beautiful on a look which presented a slim red trouser worn beneath a long black coat. Classic perfection.

Beckham also used elements of print to add interest to some skirts and jumpers which truly breathed life into what could have been standardised pieces. These graphic placements are instantly recognisable and will surely be seen from a distance being worn by many women this coming autumn, as will the rest of Victoria Beckham’s immaculate A/W 14 collection

Written by David Vassou