Some major news just came few days ago about people’s favourite designer, Zac Posen – he became the creative director of women’s line for Brooks Brothers! As he is adored by both the crowd and the celebrities, this was a brilliant PR move – the stunning (as we predict) designs for prices that are actually affordable for more than 5% of the society.

“We already have a team in place, so he’s not going to be a designer, but a creative director. He’s someone we trust and admire for what he does, and he can add to what we’re already doing”, says Claudio del Vecchio, the CEO of Brooks Brothers about this surprising employment twist.

We are already quite sure that the name of Zac Posen will gather unimaginably large amount of new Brooks Brothers consumers. Mr Posen will maintain working with his own brand, as well as he will keep his ‘judgy’ role on Project Runway. Was there any better choice Brooks Brothers’ CEO could have made?…


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