From Mexico City to Moscow, Seoul, and Tokyo, designer, Martine Rose takes us inside the homes of 24 of her friends that inspired her SS21 collection showcased in her one off digital experience, “What We Do All Day”. 

The designers first digital one-off show via her website, stars brand acolytes from Drake to Elsa Majimbo going about their everyday lives while dressed in her designs. The designers audience was given an intimate insight into what goes on behind the closed doors of lockdowns across the globe.

With the support of innovative design studio International Magic, with whom the designer had been speaking since before the pandemic, Rose was able to bring to life a 3D-rendered panopticon housing block, built across several layers and adorned with plants, posters and hovering drones to operate as the peering eyes of an audience logged into the video game-like sphere. Enlisting further help from Agency Eleven, stylist Tamara Rothstein and her longtime sound collaborator Sasa Crnobrnja, her digital project “What We Do All Day” was created. 

The short film documents the likes of Cola Boyy, Big Youth, Elsa Majimbo and Nadia Nadim partaking in lockdown pastimes, from vacuuming to watching football; bathing to taking selfies. The entire digital experience was filmed remotely, using iPhone 12 Pros which Apple supplied to support the venture, there was even a trio of live performances intended to simulate the one-off experience of a fashion show.

“Part of the experience of coming to my shows is the atmosphere of community, of people coming together—it’s not just the clothes” Rose explains. “That was a big conversation, because I’m not a very digital person”

“My concern was how can you capture those things you can’t really put into words? Can you still get the warmth? I’m always interested in the cracks, the imperfections, the authenticity,” she says in her Vogue interview. 

“What We Do All Day” acts as a reminder of the small, seemingly insignificant moments that unite us all, and celebrates Martine Rose’s status as a brand buoyed by its global community.

Images: Martine Rose