Mario Karner is a DoP  from Austria that is currently based in Amsterdam. While working in the freestyle sport industry for a while he has learned to adapt to situations in the blink of an eye, not hesitating to thrust ahead in producing the most desirable result possible. Currently he works on projects ranging from commercials, short films, sports and fashion.

The MESS team is excited to present the menswear editorial Un Natural. “What does natural in our society nowadays mean? Is there a definition for it? Is it a relation between an object and an environment? Are there still rules you should follow? Un natural deals with those questions.Rather then giving an answer the following pictures show the beauty of being unique in a world where everything is possible.”

Sleeveless coat + Knit shirt – Napapijri

Turtle neck + coat – Amarens Joustra, shorts – Napapijri

Coat – Amarens Joustra, turtle neck – Strellson, pants – Napapijri

Knit wear top – Strellson , pants – Amarens Joustra

Overalls – Amarens Joustra, pull over – Napapijri

Shirt + T-shirt – Amarens Joustra, pants – Napapijrit

Model: Tobias Brouwers
Photographer: Mario Karner
Stylist: Chandni Sinha

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