Reflection of a unique existence and concept A band formed in another sphere – before the 21 century and ahead of their final name and group. Have you ever heard of Pectoralz or Starfish? In 1996 college friends Chris Martin, lead singer and pianist and Jonny Buckland, guitarist started this band called Pectoralz. During a […]


Lucas Raven is a Filipino-Lebanese American TV personality who typifies style, fashion and luxurious travels. With only 26 years he created a grand business based on his lifestyle. His experiences and adventurous are successfully featured on digital platforms as well as in TV. But Raven doesn’t just live a glamorous life; he uniquely masters the […]


Who are you and how did you become “The Wandering Lens” I’m an Australian travel and underwater photographer currently based in France. I got my start in the industry working as a travel journalist before venturing into the world of photography for a number of years and then went on to creating The Wandering Lens to bring to […]


Who are you and what do you do? I’m Kirsten, a girl in her twenties from London (although I’m half­ Czech) and currently live in Canada. I love travelling to see beautiful and fascinating places in the world as well as the simple pleasures like a good cup of tea (you can take the girl out of […]


Who are you? Oliver Hartman and Darrell Hartman, 33 and 36. We’re brothers who live in New York City. We own a website and media company that specialises in stories about place, cultures, traditions, natural landscapes, wildlife. How did Jungles In Paris come to exist? We launched three years ago. Oliver was running a production company in […]

The simple reason why blank does not mean empty

She told me I would love it and I did. When I met Meerim for the first time to discuss our fashion editorial she chose this place for a reason.    It brought that emptiness to her that she could fill with her own ideas. I believe that it was one of the important factors […]

Another article about weight and all the bullshit that comes with it…

Another article about weight and all the bullshit that comes with it… Let’s get something straight: I am not a nutritionist, fitness enthusiast or weight specialist. I am however, someone who has a body and strong opinions about why today’s society has a big issue with body image, which is why I am voicing it […]

Travel Guide- The best boutique hotels across the globe!

With so many people citing wanderlust all over the internet, it’s no surprise that new and interesting hotels are popping up all the time! To help you find some new places to add to your travel wishlist we’ve narrowed it down to the boutique hotels in cities that are bound to inspire! Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch […]

Finding love in a big city: Mission impossible or Easy as 1,2,3?

Finding love in a big city: Mission impossible or Easy as 1,2,3? Population of New York: 8.406 Million. Population of London: 8.539 Million. Population of Tokyo: 12.35 Million.  With such great numbers in the busiest cities of the world- why is it, that we are still incapable of finding love?  Living in a megapolis is […]